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Welcome to Channel 9! We are a humble group of developers and technical enthusiasts within Microsoft who operate this site devoted to including you into the conversations we have.


Channel 9 started April 1, 2004 by having conversations with thought leaders and friends around the Microsoft campus. But it was a series of videos with the late-Bill Hill that set the spirit of the site. In long discussions Bill would talk about how Windows wasn’t the most important operating system, how he came up with ClearType while tracking animals in the woods, and how there should only be one space after a sentence.

These videos were a bold look inside Microsoft at a time when other companies were considering restrictions on employee blogging and disclosure. But these were the real conversations we would have with each other in the hallways and across the campus and we thought they were important to share with you.

#FiveThings IoT Units You Ought to Have Purchased Yesterday

#FiveThings IoT Devices You Should Have Bought Yesterday

#FiveThings IoT Units You Ought to Have Purchased Yesterday It’s a gadget extravaganza! Burke sits down with Suz Hinton and a ninja cat that sings the Closing Countdown (sure, actually) to convey you 5 IoT Units that it is best to have purchased yesterday. Buttons, gentle bulbs, starter kits, ninja cats – we’ve received you […]