Collection de Modèles Marketing & Stratégie pour PowerPoint

Collection de Modèles Marketing & Stratégie pour PowerPoint

Marketing & Strategy Template Collection for PowerPoint

Whether you are marketing manager, consultant, business leader, teacher, student … this PowerPoint document is for you. Showeet offers more than one hundred marketing models preconceived and fully editable. All 100% free!

The main tools of strategic analysis are presented in a very complete PowerPoint document, with a very “pro” design and colors. The diagrams are ready to use.

We particularly like the fact that these tools are a real theoretical manual, in addition to serving to illustrate your presentations.

Note that most marketing models are accompanied by models of blank sheets of work. So you can use them during your work sessions – or for yourself.

The PPTX document develops 6 tools and decision-making techniques : SWOT, BCG, GE / McKinsey and Ansoff matrices, as well as Porter's models of Generic Strategies and 5 Forces.

Here are some glimpses of the content:
1. BCG Matrix – Boston Consulting Group (21 slides)

2. General Electric / McKinsey Matrix (10 slides)

3. SWOT / TOWS analysis matrix (20 slides)

4. Porter Generic Strategies (20 slides)

5. Model of Five Forces of Porter (22 slides)

6. Ansoff Matrix (16 slides)



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