Incroyable Collection Gratuite de Funnels pour PowerPoint

Incroyable Collection Gratuite de Funnels pour PowerPoint

PresentationGo, a newcomer among sites offering free templates for PowerPoint hits hard for its debut. This English-language site offers funnel models (funnel or conversion tunnel) of all kinds.

PresentationGo puts at at your disposal a very wide choice of editable diagrams up to 5 levels.

Used extensively in marketing, you can use these forms to illustrate conversion phases.

We particularly appreciated these models:

The site has also adapted these forms at concrete uses, necessarily very useful if you wish to reproduce this type of model in one of your PowerPoint presentations:
Funnel of conversion of the purchase

Marketing model that takes the 5 phases of the buying process: Awareness, Familiarization, Consideration, Purchase, Loyalty (re-purchase).

Funnel Purchase for PowerPoint
Improved funnel of conversion of purchase according to McKinsey :

Model of the circular purchasing process, merged with the traditional linear model. This diagram is very interesting, and provides an essential complement to the original model is also relatively criticized in the state.

purchase funnel for PowerPoint

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