Opposite Word Of Fox

Full list of antonyms for fox is here. The fifth little valentine was sly as a fox.

Why Children Confuse Simple Words Mit News

Male foxes are known as dogs tods or reynards females as vixens and young as cubs pups or kits.

Opposite word of fox. Learn 5 more pairs of opposite words clearly explained by fox making learning fun. Smile on the face of the fox the squirrel and the bear just stand and stare old red s standing up on his hocks the badger and the rabbit by ian dury the blockheads. There is no opposite.

The noun fox and the noun vixen are both common nouns. To complete the comparison msnbc is more like the opposite of some guy who sits around in his underwear printing his right wing newsletter out of his garage. Fox is the opposite of that simply because they are self aware enough to realize that there are actually two sides to many issues.

He ran the fastest to the valentine box. A fox is a fox male or female. Be honest fall behind enlighten.

Antonyms for foxes include dogs and enlightens. Antonyms for fox include enlighten explain clarify help clear up explicate aid assist lose and soothe. The noun vixen is a general word for a female fox.

Find descriptive alternatives for fox. Synonyms antonyms of fox entry 2 of 2 1 to throw into a state of mental uncertainty she won t be foxed by such telemarketing tricks. 5 little valentines by valentine s day.

What are opposite words of fox. The noun for a male fox is reynard or dog. The noun fox is a common gender noun a word for a male or a female.

The noun fox is a general word for a type of mammal.

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