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Security Guard Resume Sample – Resume Writing Walk into any residential area or guard a public building or office and find a security staff. With the increase in crime, it is natural that people decide to hire security guards for their protection. If you work as a security guard, then there are some skills that should be expected. To draft a good resume, you must ensure that these skills are highlighted on your resume. In this article we explain what are the things a good CV, giving you a security guard must be re-sampled included.

A summary of writing for a Security Guard

When preparing a resume for a security guard, there are many important things that definitely should be to keep in mind. A very important thing is to make sure that you will always highlight any experience or qualifications that you have security. If you have a job previously held the security forces or worked in law enforcement, this can work in your favor. It can be a good idea, your knowledge of electronic systems, such as CCTV will, as this is something you would expect, could use on a daily basis. If you worked in personal security and property protection, the potential employer, the experiences they bring to the workplace. It will only be in a better light and help you gain employment easily. Add information about all the basic certification course, you’ve made a list of licenses they have. It can also be a good idea about the registration process in areas that would provide a legal basis to continue to grow to think at work.

CV for a security guard

Lawrence Flint
24 Elm Street
Hebudah, New Jersey – 45,354
Phone Number: 565-545-1269
flint.lawrence @

For a job as a security guard who will allow me, in my experience, people with physical and personal security they need to use.

Skill Set Summary
Extensive knowledge of regional rules, state and federal regulations and road safety and vehicle operations.
The ability to create problems with their roots and to recognize and report information on the case to the competent authorities.
Very good knowledge of the use of security building, lock and other methods.
Able to reporting, recording and processing data required for jobs.
To resolve customer complaints filed with remarkable precision.
Ability to understand and follow the instructions and ability to communicate well both orally and in writing.

Security Officer
STS Security Services
2008 – 2011
Contain the assigned patrol the facility and the occupation of different places.
Inspect all buildings assigned access, to ensure that it is safe.
Regulating free of pedestrians and vehicles to ensure that none of the points of entry are always overloaded or breakdown-prone.
Submission of daily reports of fire hazards, leaks, open doors and windows, etc.
Personal check before entering the building to ensure that nothing illegal is in the building.
Warning violators of any rules on their injury and to inform what can happen if the offense is repeated.
Education and training
Valid motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the State of New York
Security Guard Certification
Private Eye Institute, Las Vegas – 34 353
High School Diploma
JFK High School, 2006

Available on request

This watch will help you test again if you need a resume for you design. Make sure you know the requirements for the right job security are such that you understand how to highlight your skills in your resume well.

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