Easy Mail Gui’s for the REST API on Workplace365 and Change 2016

Easy Mail Gui’s for the REST API on Workplace365 and Change 2016 As I have been including new cmdlets to my Exch-REST PowerShell module I have been knocking up towards a few of the limitations and frustrations of working inside a console atmosphere. Certainly one of them is that if say I discover some Messages inside a Mailbox which wants additional investigation for no matter purpose, It good to have a straightforward manner of opening up that message to check out the content material that is not usually straightforward to view within the cmdline just like the html physique of a message and perhaps I wish to download any attachments or MessageHeaders with no need to open Outlook or OWA. A lot of years in the past I created a easy EWS mail shopper that simply acted as a easy E-mail shopper utilizing EWS so I made a decision to port this to the REST API and embody it within the Exch-Relaxation Module. I additionally broke out two of the winforms from this straightforward shopper to allow simply studying a specific Message you will have discovered utilizing any of the opposite cmldets in addition to a easy Type to Ship a New Message with or with out an Attachment.

So with Model 2.7 of the Exch-REST Module now you can use the

Begin-EXRMailClient cmdlet which is able to begin the small mail shopper which is able to use the underlying Exch-REST Module cmldets to open and browse Mailbox Mail folders, Learn Gadgets from a Folder you choose within the TreeView, Present Web Message Headers or Download attachments from messages within the datagrid eg

Getting Messages from the Inbox

Displaying the content material of a Message

or present the Message Headers

You’ll be able to both begin the Mailbox shopper utilizing Begin-EXRMailClient cmdlet with no parameters or move in a Mailbox and AccessToken you perhaps working with and it’ll mechanically enumerate the Folders from that Mailbox utilizing the token handed in.

To make use of the Learn Message Type on a message you have got discovered within the cmdline by utilizing one other cmdlet eg to open the final message within the Inbox you could possibly use

$Gadgets = Get-WellKnownFolderItems -MailboxName -AccessToken $AccessToken -WellKnownFolder Inbox -TopOnly:$true -Prime 1

Invoke-EXRReadEmail -ItemRESTURI $Gadgets[0].ItemRESTURI -AccessToken $AccessToken -MailboxName

To Begin the New Message type simply use

Invoke-EXRNewMessagesForm -MailboxName -AccessToken $AccessToken