Talks and Highlights From CppCon 2018!

Talks and Highlights From CppCon 2018!

CppCon occurred once more this yr in Bellevue, Washington! On this video we talked to Jon Kalb, the CppCon convention organizer, in regards to the convention and the place it is going subsequent, together with a lot of audio system who participated. Hyperlinks to the recordings of the talks can be found under.

– [11:03] Man Davidson – Light-weight 2D graphics with io2d:
– [13:10] Billy O’Neal – Inside Visible C++ Parallel Algorithms:
– [14:45] Fabian Renn-Giles – A Semi Compile/Run-time Map with (Almost) Zero Overhead Lookup:
– [16:59] Matthias Gehre, Gabor Horvath – Implementing the C++ Core Pointers’ Lifetime Security Profile in Clang:
– [19:05] Gabor Horvath – Coping with aliasing utilizing contracts:
– [20:51] Patrice Roy – Pessimistic Programming:
– [24:36] Anastasiia Kazakova – Debug C++ With out Working:
– [26:54] Simon Model – How C++ Debuggers Work (, Easy methods to Write Properly-Behaved Worth Wrappers (, What May Potential Go Unsuitable? A Story of Expectations and Exceptions (with Phil Nash) (, Overloading: The Bane of All Larger-Order Capabilities (
– [32:31] Kostya Serebryany – Reminiscence Tagging and the way it improves C++ reminiscence security:
– [35:12] Marian Luparu – Newest and Biggest within the Visible Studio Household for C++ Builders 2018 (with Steve Carroll) (
– [37:06] Matthew Butler – Safe Coding Finest Practices: Your First Line is the Final Line of Protection (half 1 of two: / (half 2 of two:, Software program Safety (

Take a look at the CppCon 2018 playlist on YouTube for the total listing of recordings:

CppCon web site:

CppCon 2019 will occur in Aurora, Colorado on Sept 15 – 20.

Talks and Highlights From CppCon 2018!

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